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Taylor’s International School Collaborates with Emperikal for Year-Round Paid Media Campaign

taylors international school

Emperikal is pleased to announce that it has concluded a deal with Taylor’s International School (TIS) for a year-round digital marketing engagement. The campaign will focus on promoting the School’s academic programs, extracurricular activities, and overall brand awareness through various digital channels. Emperikal will help TIS promote its 2 campuses, located in Kuala Lumpur & Puchong respectively.

Taylor’s International School is one of the most reputable international schools in the country, thanks to its high-quality education and facilities. In 2020, the institution has been recognised as the world’s first Quantum Learning Distinguished School.

In an effort to improve the School’s brand awareness online and stay distinguished amongst the high competition in the private education field, Emperikal will work closely with TIS to develop and implement a comprehensive digital strategy that will reach a wide range of audiences. This will include developing targeted social media & pay-per-click advertising to reach the right audiences and increase enrolment for both campuses. The Agency will also provide analytics and reporting to measure the success of the campaign and make data-driven decisions.

This partnership is a significant win for Emperikal Media Group and further solidifies its position as a competitive independent & homegrown player in the digital marketing industry.

About Taylor’s International School

First established in 1991 as a school of the Badminton Association Malaysia players, Taylor’s International School is one of Malaysia’s most prestigious international schools, recognised for delivering high-quality education that brings out the students’ full potential. Accredited by the International Curriculum Association, the award-winning school is enthusiastic about providing the highest quality education and satisfying the students’ academic needs, establishing a solid reputation in the field. To learn more about Taylor’s International School, visit https://www.tis.edu.my/.