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FortyTwo Appoints Emperikal to Grow Brand Awareness in Malaysia through Social Media

Emperikal Media Group Client Portfolio | eCommerce, Furniture, Retail

Emperikal Media Group is thrilled to announce its latest partnership for social media services with FortyTwo, Singapore’s largest online furniture retailer. This strategic collaboration aims to build and strengthen FortyTwo’s brand presence in Malaysia and establish the company as a trusted and sought-after name in the furniture industry.

FortyTwo’s decision to team up with Emperikal is pivotal as the company seeks to expand its operations and tap into the Malaysian market. With an extensive catalogue of high-quality furniture and a strong reputation for exceptional customer service, FortyTwo aims to replicate its success in Singapore to become a dominant player in Malaysia’s online furniture industry.

As part of this exciting partnership, the Group will leverage its expertise in digital marketing and social media campaigns via Radikal to raise brand awareness for FortyTwo among Malaysian consumers. Radikal’s skilled marketing professionals and content creators will develop and execute a comprehensive strategy tailored specifically to the Malaysian market, incorporating innovative social media tactics to engage and attract a wide range of potential customers.

Through captivating content creation and a tactical deployment approach to social media, Radikal will implement a multi-platform strategy to enhance FortyTwo’s visibility and connect with the Malaysian audience. By harnessing the power of social media platforms, the agency aims to foster a strong online community around FortyTwo, generate buzz, and drive traffic to the company’s website.

About FortyTwo

FortyTwo is Singapore’s largest online furniture store, renowned for its vast selection of quality furniture at affordable prices. With a customer-centric approach, the company strives to provide an exceptional shopping experience and reliable delivery service. FortyTwo offers a diverse range of furniture options, including sofas, beds, dining sets, home decor, and more, catering to the needs and preferences of customers across Singapore and beyond.

FortyTwo first went “live” in September 2007 (previously as BEDS.sg) with a humble team of 3 and barely 50 products. Today, they consist of over 160 employees and have since expanded their product range to include over 20,000 items under an ever-broadening range of furniture, home decor and lifestyle items.