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Dermal Therapy Teams Up with Emperikal for Social Media & Influencer Campaign

Dermal Therapy Malaysia, a reputable Australian skincare brand under the LaCorium Health Group, has concluded a partnership with Emperikal Media Group for social media marketing campaign.

As part of this dynamic alliance, the Group will spearhead Dermal Therapy Malaysia’s social media strategy, immersing the brand into the hearts of skincare enthusiasts nationwide. By blending local essence into Dermal Therapy’s exceptional skincare solutions, the campaign aims to ignite a radiance revolution, igniting lasting connections with skincare enthusiasts across Malaysia.

Dermal Therapy has generally earned widespread acclaim for its scientifically advanced skincare products, addressing common skin concerns such as dry skin, cracked heels, and dermatitis. To enrich the skincare experience for Malaysian consumers, the brand has entrusted Emperikal to craft a comprehensive social media campaign that resonates deeply with the target audience.

With its proven skincare communication and digital strategy expertise, Emperikal will deploy a mix of creativity and data-driven insights to execute a robust social media campaign via its creative social arm, Radikal. From engaging product launches to informative skincare tips, every aspect of the campaign will be meticulously crafted to resonate with the skincare-conscious Malaysian audience. Radikal will also facilitate the engagement of social media influencers to further boost organic reach & ultimately increase brand awareness.

The collaboration between Emperikal Media Group and Dermal Therapy Malaysia is set to ignite a new era in skincare engagement. By blending innovation, science, and creativity, the partnership will empower Dermal Therapy Malaysia to shine brightly as one of the leading skincare brands in Malaysia.

About Dermal Therapy

Owners Steven and Shelley Sher have always been committed to the goal of helping people and, treating their skin concerns with products that work epitomised this goal. The calling to find solutions to common skin concerns, was further amplified when they themselves were dealing with a family member who was struggling with ongoing skin irritation which lead to the trialling of umpteen products and potential solutions.
According to Steven, “Investing in research, technology and product testing is a focus of the company, in order to make sure that we can say with absolute confidence that our products not only work, but work effectively and quickly. And that they make your skin feel better, and you feel better allowing you to live your life with confidence, doing the things you love. This constant desire for efficacy together with innovation has developed into a business generating brand loyalty and trust through millions of products now sold around the world.”