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The Power Of Written Content Revealed: The Secret Hack In Dominating Search Engine Results

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Content is far from a mere description of your products and services; they make your website rank higher in search engine result pages (SERP), leading to more traffic or users entering your website. To add on, written content plays a significant role in businesses being on par with how AI will function with search engines. Yet, too much-written content can bore your audience, which is why some companies prefer multimedia content instead. Hence, this article will delve into whether the written content is necessary for your website to rank high and what businesses should pay attention to whilst adapting to changes brought by the ever-changing AI field.


The Importance Of Written Content On Websites

So, what is the answer? Yes, written content is king when it comes to ranking high in SERP. Writing content helps your audience understand your business and allows you to incorporate specific keywords you are targeting. Besides that, with the recent announcement from Google, AI will be utilised in search engines to provide a summarised answer for users. This further shows how written content is king as AI will be looking for websites with written answer to user’s queries and highlighting them. However, this doesn’t mean you must write long paragraphs or create a wordy website to rank high. 

How written content boosts your business on search results

Multimedia Content Vs Written Content – Why Not Both? 

As the saying goes, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, websites can still have a well-balanced ratio of multimedia and written content. Humans are naturally visual creatures, and visual-rich media – such as photos and videos – can help convey your ideas and messages easily, which is why they are crucial for branding and marketing. 


That said, you can incorporate written and multimedia content in various ways. A few examples include: 

  • PUMA – The famous sports brand collaborated with us for SEO efforts on their SEA websites. Our experts optimised their meta-taggings and URLs, as well as added product descriptions to introduce the products of each category. As a result, their websites experienced an increase in rankings throughout the campaign. For example, from only ranking top 10 in 20 different keywords, PUMA Malaysia ranked top 10 in 389 keywords at the end of the campaign. 
  • Common Ground – This local co-working space managed to maintain its no.1 ranking in specific keywords with the help of our experts whilst maintaining a mix of multimedia and written content on their pages. Throughout the campaign, our team optimised their content, meta-taggings, images and internal linking, which in turn increased the keywords where the website ranked in the top 10 by 25%. 


Other Ways To Improve Ranking In SERP

Other than using written content to rank high in SERP, a few ways to achieve that are: 

  1. Internal Linking Opportunities: Linking relevant pages can increase traffic, retain user attention and help search engines understand that your site is important.  
  2. Tagging Optimisation: Watch out for your page titles, meta descriptions and headings. Ensure they include targeted keywords if you want to minimise written content on your website whilst ranking in SERP. 
  3. User Experience Improvements: More and more users are using their mobile devices to search instead of desktops, so make sure your website is responsive on both devices for a better user experience by using sites like Page Speed Insights to optimise the website speed. 

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Don’t Let Your Website Fall Behind In The Race Towards The Future

Instead of choosing a side, businesses can utilise multimedia and written content to convey their message and perform well in search engines. Since AI will be incorporated into search engines, what enterprises can do for now is to keep a close eye on the quality of their website and ensure they meet the best SEO practices, which include keyword-optimised content and improved user experience. Check out our previous article on AI and its impact on the digital marketing field


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