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Emperikal SEO Services

Stage 1 – Learning Process

SEO Discovery Process

No one knows your industry, customers and competitors better than you do. In order for us to execute a successful campaign, we need to extract as much knowledge as possible. We do so with a targeted questionnaire, industry research and a strategy meeting.

SEO Analytics Audit

Data allow us to track progress and measure the success of your campaign. We can’t do anything until we know your website is setup to properly track and record data. We run an in depth analytics audit that digs into the details of Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager to uncover bugs, tracking issues and any upgrades needed to better measure your campaign.

SEO Industry Landscape

We use tools like MOZ, Ahrefs and Buzzsumo to monitor websites in your niche to get a picture of what’s working and what’s not. This helps us formulate the right channel and methods (video, blog posts, infographics, etc) to attack and create a multiple touch point marketing strategy.

SEO Technical website audit

It is impossible to rank a website when it has glaring technical issues. The problem is, 99% of issues aren’t glaring, they require an in-depth technical audit and serious SEO knowledge to find errors. We run a full technical audit where we review over 200 technical factors that could be holding your website back, preventing it from getting more traffic.

SEO Competitive Research

Understanding what your competitors are doing is critical for marketing success. It helps us to formulate the best plan of attack to beat them. We run a head to head comparison with your top competitors to identify opportunities for growth.

Stage 2 – Planning Process

Keyword Opportunity Mapping

Our team seeks out the most valuable keywords for your business and then we place them in the right places on your website. We break them down into 2 main intent areas; purchase and informational. Purchase keywords get mapped to sales pages, while informational gets used for content creation. This is an important process that helps us build up your website’s organic marketing funnel, a key model for both content creation and link outreach.

Audience Persona Creation Through SEO

It’s really hard to please everyone on the internet. The good news is, you don’t have to. We want to focus on those who matter; your customers. Audience profiling is a process that helps us focus everything (from tone of voice to creative) on helping you to acquire more paying customers.

Competitive SEO Links Audit

Google’s algorithms rely heavily on AI learning.In other words, it knows exactly what a good link profile looks like in your niche. To build the best links to your site, we run a full competitor link audit to understand what a good link profile should look like.

Link Opportunity Mapping

Good links are hard to come by so we make sure they are going to the right place on your site by assigning targets through traffic impact. By finding pages on the edge of ranking on the first page, we are able to get our clients the quickest traffic turnaround.

Topical Research for Content

Keyword research is a dated tactic that hinders content performance. Instead, we do topical research which not only helps us identify the right keywords, but trends and topics as well. In addition, we will map these topics to different stages in your website’s funnel. Everything from top to bottom is accounted for and scheduled for creation in your campaign.

Link Calendar Creation

Link building is an insane amount of work, which we happily take on for our clients. We target half a dozen different link types and pitch over 1,000 opportunities on your behalf. This much work requires management and we do so by building an outreach calendar ahead of time.

Content Calendar Development

A content calendar is a tool that ensures each piece of content we publish is the absolute best it can be and is published at the right time. We outline everything from keywords to date of publish in the calendar and deliver it to you within the first month of your campaign.

Final Campaign Strategy

There’s little margin for error with SEO and you need to know exactly what you are doing at all times for it to work. This requires a detailed strategy mapping out the campaign, from beginning to end. We build this for you and present it to your team for final approval. From there, we are ready to execute growth.

Stage 3 – SEO Adjustment Process

At this point, we have everything we need to execute your campaign. Our team goes to work implementing the corrections needed to steer your website in the right direction for growth.

Execute Technical Updates

Before we can start building links to your site, we need to get the technical issues fixed. We create a prioritized project plan and our project managers ensure all technical issues get fixed properly. If you don’t have a developer, you can contract our team to implement the changes for you.

Implement Analytics Updates

Similar to the technical updates, our team makes sure everything is setup properly to track and monitor your campaign. We will create an analytics project plan to make sure all issues get fixed within a timely fashion, ready to track the ROI of your campaign.

Launch Content Marketing Campaign

Content is a cornerstone of SEO and it opens up new opportunities for traffic through the creation of resources, videos, guides and blog posts. We aim to publish at least 1 large piece of content per month. This is all dictated from your content calendar (creating in month 1 of campaign).

Create Personas for Outreach

We build links through outreach & we send over 1,000 emails during the life of your campaign (or more!). In order to maximize the success of your campaign, it works best to pitch on behalf of your business, not an SEO agency. We handle the strategy, creation and building of personas for your outreach campaign.

Stage 4 – SEO Exponential Growth

This is where we earn our keep. We are able to execute 100% white hat campaigns at massive scale due to our detailed process and strategy.

Organic Content Promotion

It’s not enough to just click publish and expect your content to rank: you need to promote it. Our team is trained to organically promote all recently published posts through Quora, Reddit, Facebook and industry relevant forums

Skyscraper Content Outreach

For every piece of content we publish, we find websites that are already linking to similar pieces of content. We then send them an outreach email asking for link placements, aka the skyscraper technique.

Ongoing Link Outreach

We divide link building into 2 categories: ongoing and campaigns. Ongoing link building is guest posting, sponsored posts and niche blogger outreach. These outreach emails are scheduled to run throughout the life of your campaign so we are consistently building links.

Link Building Campaigns

Campaigns are comprised of reporter outreach, infographic outreach, product review outreach and social media influencer outreach. We aim to run 1 of these campaigns per month throughout the life of your campaign. Our team also manually builds links.

Reporting, Analysis, Consulting

Our reports are more than just numbers; it’s an in depth analysis of your entire website’s health and performance. Each month we revisit our work and make adjustments as needed.

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Achieve Online Success With Emperikal,
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Witness performance-driven and empirical results for your business with Emperikal. Emperikal is the leading SEO agency in Malaysia, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. Our talented experts specialise in search engine optimisation (SEO) and marketing (SEM) to increase visibility, attract potential customers, and generate leads. We also help clients to understand and define their success factors concerning search engine marketing (SEM), SEO, and content marketing.

These success factors can be categorically broken down into:

  • Brand visibility in the market
  • Lead generation through effective SEO tactics
  • Sustainable growth over time
  • Increased sales opportunities related to SEO
  • Sales assistance from SEO efforts

At Emperikal, every customised SEO campaign we offer focuses on five key elements: targeted keywords, high-quality website content, technical infrastructure, authority link building, and social media best practices. By working closely with one of the best SEO agencies in Malaysia, you can expect to unlock your business’s full potential with Emperikal’s expertise.

As a full-service SEO agency in Malaysia, we also provide a range of other services, including:

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